We are a new Latvian company that cares not only about the appearance of the product, but also its reliability and quality. Our luminaire was originally created for us and our children to ease our lives at night, creating comfortable conditions for parents and children.

The idea to create the first luminaire came from the time when our children entered our lives. Our family life changed because of the need to wake up at night. In order to avoid turning on the major light sources or to use flashlight on the phone, we bought a night lamp with adjustable lighting. When the night lamp’s lightbulb burned out, it was not possible to adjust the intensity of the lighting when changing to another bulb. The night lamp had to be hidden behind the night curtain, and it didn't give the desired result – the room was too bright. In addition, such a source of light had another minus – cord and power outlet. I couldn't place it where I would like to, and the lamp warmed up fast that it wasn't safe to cover it to reduce the lighting.

 When the first child, our daughter, grew up and started to sleep alone in her room, she also needed a luminaire in her room. It served as a light source for reading fairy tales before sleep; when the she was sleeping, we reduced the intensity of light so that the room was not bright, and when she would wake up during the night, she would not be afraid. In addition, the lighting of the luminaire also serves as a ritual before going to sleep.

Each luminaire is handmade. When making a luminaire, it is filled with love, warmth and energy.