We marked 2019 as the company's starting point, because it was then when Olewood took its first steps as a family business. It all started with a sensory night lamp.

The idea to create the first lamp started when children came into our lives. Family life changed, and nights became as episodic moments of sleep. A night lamp with adjustable lighting became a temporary solution. We had to look for an option that satisfied all needs - mobility, safety, lighting quality and intensity, and, of course, it had to be visually appealing. 

Not finding what we needed, we decided to try to make our own lamp. And it worked! The lamp we developed performed all functions - easy to use, visually appealing and safe. When our first child , grew up and started sleeping alone, the lamp became an integral part of the interiorof her room. Turning it on was a nightly ritual, and the lamp became an irreplaceable assistant in reading fairy tales every night before bed. At that moment when all friends and acquaintances asked us to make a lamp for them too, we realized that the demand was high so we decided to start the production of our very own products.

While researching the wooden product market, we realised that no competitor provided the quality, safety standards and visual image that we were looking for. We decided to supplement the assortment with wooden boards, dishes and children's toys. Each item is handmade. When making them, we put a part of our family's love, warmth and energy.
Our lamp was originally created for our children to make life easier at night, creating comfortable conditions for parents and children, but it became a family company of oak products made in Latvia. Welcome to the world of the Lapiņu family!